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project tag: programing 3D experimental

Web 3D application

This application forms number of 2D shapes (like circle, star), out of 10 3d cube in space.
During play time, elements have self-rotations, and after a while, all elements move to different coordinations to form a different shape. The program, repeat the cycle for all 5 different 2d shapes.

HTML5 - JavaScript - three.js

project tag: experimental VJ

Digital Art - VJ Performance

VJ is the person who is responsible for the creation or manipulation of imagery in real-time through technological mediation and for an audience, in synchronization to music. I used Resolume Avenue 4 with AKAI APC 40 as MIDI controller for these projects. Also I design and render fractal based video footage for this work .

.. well, what I try to do in my VJ work, is same style that Hendrix did with his track, on each version of live performance. I mean "improvisation, real time visual digital art works, as frame based performance, for the audients". This is my style on my VJ experiences.

project tag: experimental 3D

title: no title
3D design experience with Bryce
original size: 777 * 466 px
using: Bryce


project tag: experimental 3D

title: Tristina behavior
3D design experience
original size: 1024 * 684 px
using: Poser - Bryce - Ulead Photoimpact - Adobe Photoshop