Unreal Engine sample projects
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using C++ and Blueprint
developed for prototyping and reference

all projects are free to try and Please send me feedback..

Active Stage Items

- Using widgets as health bar and changing it based on player collision in 3 methods
- Custom property of item on stage
- Blueprint only

collision detection, widgets, material parameters, timeline component, blueprint functions

Dynamic Drag
multiplayer sample project

- Drag and Drop in multiplayer by using F key
- Replication GameMode logic in network
- Spawn Objects with unique ID of player by using E key and show damage on health bar, over other player characters in network
- Spawn 2 different Meshes attached to character in network by using I and O keys
- Set unique spotlight colour for each character in network by using Z key
- Multiplayer approach on a collision-sensitive scoreboard, for 2 players
- Blueprint only

Drag and Drop functionality, Blueprint Replication , Physic Handler, Event dispatching for multiplayer, Widget set in network, GameMode replication, Game State, Player State, Player ID (network), Collision handling in network, Spawn object handling in network, Blueprint functions

Blueprint and C++

- Using collision scenarios, each as separate map with similar Blueprint and C++ approach
- Search and find properties on collision actor with C++
- 6 maps
- C++ and Blueprint

C++ : TFieldIterator, FindPropertyByName, ContainerPtrToValuePtr, SpotLightComponent, TextRenderComponent
Blueprint: TextRender, SpotLight


- Using GameInstance to save total score on map change (between levels)
- Using HUD class and communicate with GameMode on score/pick-item
- Display image and number of picked up items in widget (3 different items)
- Use Sequencer on change map
- Spawn Emitter
- GameMode communications on game logic and data flow
- Custom FBX object made by Blender and 3 imported images for widget
- Blueprint only

GameInstance, GameMode, HUD, Widget, Sequencer, Emitter, Collision detection, Map/Level change

Spawn Geos

- Spawn destroyable objects based on box boundary
- Customisable features
- C++ only

RandomPointInBoundingBox, SpawnActor, Collision detection

GameMode Advantage

- Communication with GameMode for data flow control between independent stage objects
- Blueprint only

Widget, Font Material, GameMode, Collision detection

AI and Blueprint

- Having 4 different approaches of AI on character by using AI Controler
- Blueprint only

AI Controller, Behaviour Tree, Blackboard, BTT Task , GameMode communication on collision detection

Drag and Drop

- Drag and Drop by using F key
- Simple game prototype
- Communication with GameMode for game logics
- Blueprint only

Drag and Drop functionality, Physic Handler, Widget, GameMode , Collision handling